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Three posters to cover up “Men’s Rights” posters
(suitable for print up to 18”×24”)


A poster from your pals at Douglas Dollars.

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    let’s cover up all the women’s rights posters too! /s
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    I fucking hate college age kids. I assume anyone who does this shit has to be.
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    Yeah, and you guys turn around and scream about being silenced when anyone even voices a slightly different opinion....
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    I’ve just learned that men’s rights propaganda exists outside of Internet. That is unfortunate. I am glad, though, that...
  9. popquizkid said: Like really though? Like really? Let’s get married.
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    There are actual people actually putting up actual Men’s Rights posters? Bendito.
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    I want a shirt that says BOO HOO on top of the guy and SAD MAN under it so it reads as BOO HOO, SAD MAN.
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